Multi Account Manager (MAM)

Account #1 3,000$
Account #2 8,400$
Account #3 16,850$
Account #4 5,900$
( MAM )
Over the years we have found that managed trading clients have a differing set of needs, and our customer service team is well versed in taking care of these needs in a professional and expedient manner. Manage your clients funds using Oxshare ’ MAM, PAMM or Copy Trading technology combined with our deep liquidity and tight spreads.
At its core, a multi account manager refers to a single account that fund managers or asset managers use to execute trades from. These trades are then be mirrored in other trading accounts: client accounts belonging to the fund manager. A Multi Account Manager is quite simply software that integrates into your MT5 that allows money managers to place orders in bulk, in an unlimited number of accounts. The process is fast, efficient and can be executed from one trading terminal.
Money Manager Key Features
Comprehensive reporting for Money Managers & clients
There is no limit to the amount of clients per account
Allocate funds by Lot, Percentage, or Proportional
All trading types allowed including EA, scalping, discretionary
Rebates paid in real time
Add and withdraw funds without affecting overall trading
Allocation by Equal Risk

How can you take advantage of MAM, PAMM, and how to organize your work!

First, the portfolio manager benefits from several things and the same advantages as IB, but in addition to them. His profits from managing his clients' portfolios. For example, let’s say that the portfolio manager has 10 clients, each client has an account of 10 thousand dollars, and the monthly volume has 200 lots, he benefits from 2000 dollars, if he takes from the company 10 dollars on an additional lot. On this, if the profit rate in each account is 5000 thousand dollars, he takes The portfolio manager, of course, according to his agreement with the client, a percentage of his profits estimated at between 20 to 40%, meaning that is equivalent to 1000 dollars on each account if we take 20%, the total is 10 thousand dollars from the portfolio management and 2000 dollars from spreads

How to organize your business MAM or PAM account

You can collect all portfolio management accounts in one aggregated portfolio.
You can set Sessem to withdraw your percentage on a monthly, daily or weekly basis automatically.
It is calculated according to your profit and the profits of investors automatically.
You can set a minimum amount to receive deposits.
Profits and losses are proportional to all managed accounts.
You can specify specific days or months to receive deposits.

How much can my income be per month?

MAM Balance Income per month: 10,000$
Income Per Month = MAM Balance( 50K $ ) × Profit( 30% ) = 15,000 $

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