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What is PAMM trading?

PAMM trading accounts allow traders to pool funds and invest in financial markets. It is a fund management platform where an experienced trader manages the funds of several investors in one account, and distributes profits and losses proportionately. This account gives investors more trading options and the potential for higher returns. It includes automated trading systems, risk management tools, and advanced analytics and reporting. Traders who want more flexibility and control over their investments should consider a PAMM account.

How To Start PAMM Trading ?

To start investing in a PAMM account, follow these steps:


Open your PAMM account on OXShare


Analyze different PAMM managers, considering their trading history, risk level, and fee structure


Choose a PAMM manager and decide how much you want to invest


Monitor your investment and communicate regularly with your PAMM manager

Benefits of PAMM Investment in OXShare Platform

An opportunity to earn income without being an expert in Forex and CFD trading.

Choose and join one or multiple accounts, managed by professional managers.

No need to close master positions during deposits and withdrawals.

No one can withdraw funds except the investor himself.

Investors can monitor their trading account and its results all the time, as they allow the manager to do his job.

Consider the example of Lena, an inexperienced investor who chooses to invest in a PAMM account managed by an experienced Forex trader rather than trying to navigate the volatile Forex and stock market on her own. After six months, she found that her initial investment had made a good return, demonstrating the potential benefit of PAMM accounts.
It is important to understand that although PAMM accounts offer many advantages, they are not without risks.

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How to Create Investment account in PAMM

The minimum amount to open an account with Oxshare is $5, but the minimum amount for PAMM Investment is determined by the PAMM manager

New Users: Create and verify your account __Sign up as an Follower (Investment) __ Follow successful strategies (MASTER )

Existing Users :  Open a PAMM  Investment  account directly in the  OXShare dashboard

 No, the time for withdrawal and deposit is determined by the account manager, and you can see the times for withdrawal and deposit on the control panel before subscribing to him. The portfolio manager sets Time  for withdrawal and deposit from the combined portfolio so that the trading strategy he follows does not affect the investment fund he manages

PAMM accounts are managed by a money manager who trades on behalf of multiple investors. The profits or losses are shared proportionately to each investor’s investment amount.

Some potential risks linked with PAMM accounts include market volatility, over-reliance on a trader’s performance, loss of capital, and the non-guaranteed nature of returns

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